A third generation Californian, I grew up at the foot of the San Gabriel mountains in Glendora. I spent most of my free time exploring the chaparral.

After a few years in Santa Barbara (more chaparral) attending the city college, I attended Humboldt State University and received a degree in Natural Resource Management (redwoods and rivers).

For the last 20 years I’ve worked as a natural resource professional specializing in watershed protection and open space management. This has informed my background and interest in California native plants and sustainable landscape management.

Since returning to southern California, I’ve expanded my skills, education and experience in the ‘built’ or residential landscape realm by receiving degrees in landscape architecture, sustainable landscape management and irrigation design. I am also a certified arborist, qualified water efficient landscaper (QWEL), and have multiple certifications in stormwater and erosion control.

My goal in creating Bear Native Landscapes is to bring my experience and education to the service of property owners who are interested in transforming their landscapes into more water efficient, habitat friendly, native and most importantly – beautifully interesting outdoor spaces.

Kevin McKernan

760.626.4533 kevin@bearnativelandscape.com

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